The greenest year yet but 2018 must not bring complacency

12th January 2018

The UK enjoyed its greenest year yet in 2017. A record breaking year beyond the wildest dreams of those in the vanguard of clean energy more than a decade ago.

We are clean energy world leaders, and the start of 2018 heralds the golden age of renewables.

In the last five years, Britain has halved its emissions in the electricity sector and is now the seventh cleanest power system in the world

A total of 13 new records were made last year alone across the clean energy sector according to analysis from WWF.

Energy has never been cleaner, and improving all the time. On July 2 2017, offshore and onshore wind, nuclear and solar all generated more energy than gas and coal combined

Last April saw the first-ever working day without coal power generation since the Industrial Revolution.

Low-carbon sources reached a record-high share of the UK’s electricity mix and all-time low cost of offshore wind, falling below the price of nuclear for the first time.

Behind the rise is increased demand for maritime services, a growing supply chain and stunning innovations fuelling the rapid success in cost cutting, delivering to ever-tightening deadlines and increasing turbine sizes.

While it is clearly a time for celebration for all that has been achieved, it is not a time for complacency. And it’s not just hard work that needs to continue.

There must be a clear focus on sustainable growth of such a rapidly-expanding and changing industry, with accelerating technology and innovation, which must all be achieved without any compromise of quality, safety and efficiency.

Demand for yet more cost reduction means narrower margins for developers and tighter delivery deadlines, bringing the danger to sacrifice quality for speed.

Similar demands are made on O&M and then, once offshore winds are out of warranty, for asset management.

So the demand for the best innovation is even greater to push the technologies forward to bring down the quickly tumbling prices even further, with a sharp eye on maintaining quality and efficiency.

The SCORE team is on hand, with ORE Catapult experts, to provide the advice and support to ensure that nothing is lost in the excitement and keenness to get innovation to market.

Talk to us to discover the many ways we can help your innovation make the difference in, hopefully, another record-breaking year.

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