New bow fenders will extend offshore wind technician hours and cut costs

15th January 2017

Offshore wind turbine technicians will be able to work longer in challenging seas when innovative fenders developed with a £50,000 grant are fitted to a company’s transfer vessels.

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First award from £6m offshore renewables grant fund

15th December 2016

One of the most exciting projects breaking new ground in cost-cutting and greater efficiency in offshore wind has won the first award from a new £6m grant fund.

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Grant support for new ideas for offshore renewables to create more than 200 new jobs

15th November 2016

Businesses that have served the 50-year-old oil & gas industry should consider converting that expertise to the growing offshore renewables sector during this extended downturn, the new project manager of a £6million grant fund for offshore innovations said.

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Offshore renewables grants safe post Brexit, Treasury reassures East of England

20th August 2016

Businesses hoping to develop their bright ideas for offshore renewables with help from £6million of EU funding have been reassured Brexit will not affect their grants.

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