Milestone for grant pot helping offshore renewable energy

20th October 2017

SCORE Innovation fund reaches significant milestones in Offshore Renewable Investment

A year after its launch SCORE is celebrating supporting 21 projects worth more than £2.4m and offering grants with a value of in excess of £850,000.

The £6m SCORE innovation fund, supports companies developing new ideas, technologies, business solutions and efficiencies that benefit the sector.

So far the innovation grants offered have ranged from £2,700 to the maximum £50,000 and cover a wide spectrum of work from recruitment consultants and Oil & Gas companies diversifying into renewables, to cutting edge turbine technology, an innovative new radio system and robotic ROV’s . These include

SSI Energy; Have pioneered the concept of have cross trained paramedics who can also double as an offshore technician that can provide immediate high level medical intervention whilst offshore.

Fern Communications; are at the forefront of radio communications and have developed the highly innovative WaveCom radio network, currently being used to great success on the Galloper OWF development

GreenSpur Renewables; From humble backgrounds have developed game changing, highly innovative new turbine, using new cost saving materials to produce the magnets instead of non-renewable rare earth elements and direct drive technology that eliminates the need for a complex and expensive gear box.

The grants have helped companies progress projects including a new turbine blade repair system, pioneering turbine technology , improved ship fenders, and paramedics who double as technicians.  Some of the SCORE projects are already seeing big interest from a number of the major companies operating in this dynamic sector.

SCORE project manager Rob Bush said: “It has been a great year that has showcased the highly innovative and skilled companies across England that are working in this exciting sector across the region where it will have a major impact  for at least the next two decades.

“And we are thrilled with the wide variety of companies involved from literally a couple of people in a shed to high-end tech companies developing cutting edge robotic vehicles.”

He encouraged other companies for around England with ideas and processes that they felt could help the offshore renewables sector to contact SCORE about grant and business support.

SCORE offers grants to help companies across England to develop new products, processes and ideas which bring economic benefit to the East of England.

Grants are available to start-up and established companies for up to 40% of eligible costs or £50,000, whichever is the lower, with a minimum grant of £2,500.

The programme is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is open to companies with fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than 50 million euros.

The funding is designed to help companies in a wide range of areas, including research and development, collaboration with universities and research bodies, securing patents, acquiring specialist equipment or services and investigating the commercial viability of processes and technologies.

Companies can also access up to 12hrs of subsidised business support from regional enterprise agency Nwes to help grow and develop their business.

The current programme is delivered by Nwes, the largest enterprise agency in the UK and in partnership with, energy industry experts Nautilus Associates and the national Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult centre.

To find out more about SCORE grants and eligibility, visit

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