Grant Funding

SCORE funding is available to support small and medium-sized businesses developing new technologies, processes and ideas which have an impact in lowering costs and increasing efficiencies in the East of England’s offshore renewables industry.

Grants projects have included: a new radio network; fenders for wind farm support vessels; offshore paramedic-technicians and a new type of generator.

Companies applying should have fewer than 250 employees and assets of less than 50 million euros.

They are available for up to 30% of eligible costs or £50,000, whichever is the lower, with a minimum grant of £2,500. Start-up and established companies in the four counties – Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex – may apply.

Eligible work

  • Research and development, including specialised consultancy.
  • Implementing findings of the planning process, such as in areas of new product development, manufacturing and design.
  • Collaborating with universities and colleges, and sourcing facilities, equipment and expertise to solve technical problems and develop further innovation.
  • Accessing expert services for Intellectual Property registration, including patents, designs and trademarks.
  • Accessing equipment or services that support a technology ‘step-change’ for the business.
  • Acquiring equipment or services to provide additional production capacity to exploit innovation.
  • Developing alternative uses and markets for
    waste products.
  • Investigating the technological and commercial viability of transforming innovative ideas into new products, processes and technologies.
  • Researching the development of new products or technologies, or significant improvements to existing ones.
  • Implementing the results of industrial research, including the creation of pre-production prototypes.
  • Assisting with the exploitation costs of new products or processes, including marketing, publicity and attendance at trade fairs.


£6million grant programme, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

For development of innovative technologies and solutions in offshore renewable energy.

Grants available from £2,500 to £50,000 for up to 30% of eligible costs.

Companies must be based in England, with the ‘economic benefits’ being primarily in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

You should have fewer than 250 employees. Less than €50million in assets.